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2011. gada June

Vieta jautājumiem un ieteikumiem par fakultāti un mācību procesu fakultātē,
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Dear Colleague,
For the 8th time Vilnius University, Faculty of Natural sciences in cooperation with Faculty of Medicine is organizing an annual International Student‘s Conference of Natural Sciences “The COINS 2011“. It is an honor for us to invite your faculty students to this educational event, which will be held in September 20-24th, 2011. The Conference will appear as internationally active, politically neutral and intellectually objective event, where students have a great chance to sparkle as perspective scientists. Active students from Vilnius University with the help of lecturers will try to share their experience with participants, give advices related to their presentations.
“The COINS” is engaged in an extensive composition of activities that give an opportunity for
bachelor and master students to present their researches to international audience in English. By
creating opportunities for dialogue and collaboration between students and jury, "The COINS"
serves a platform for knowledge sharing, cultural exchanges and open-minded discussions. This
year we have sliced conference in three sections:
Life sciences – biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology.
Enviromental sciences – ecology, ecophysiology, enviromental chemistry, botany, zoology.
Medical biology – microbiology, genetics, molecular oncology, laboratory medical biology, cytology.
Could you please give us a contact e-mail, that we could send more information for students of your Faculty.
Best wishes,
The COINS’11 conference coordinator Migle Kisonaite
Please contact me:
30, 2011, 20:32Migle
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Labdien,jautājums saistībā ar uzņemšanu Bioloģijas fakultātē.Vai ir tiešām nepieciešams centralizētais eksāmens bioloģijā,lai iestātos šajā fakultātē?
13, 2011, 23:49Indulis
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